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5 secrets of strong research paper proposal summary

Writing a paper means that you, as the author, will be required to meet many demands that come with the act. For starters, you don’t simply write down you thoughts about a subject on paper and submit it as research, the list of requirements goes very far and can sometime be overwhelming, causing many to lose their ability to maintain a calm, controlled composure when attempting to complete their papers.

Before you begin to write a paper, authors are usually required to submit a proposal to their respective boards, both to receive approval and guidance with the actual task itself.the proposals are not lengthy, but they do have very strict guidelines that must be followed. Consider the following, five secrets that any research paper proposal summary should have:

  1. Good topic
  2. While the original will already have a topic, its doesn't mean that you can’t add to the title. By making your topic interesting, you will be able to give readers an understanding of what you think the paper should be summarized as. Since you have full control, you can freely express yourself without changing the meaning of the original piece.

  3. Strong hypothesis
  4. The original statement would have been stated clearly and just this sentence alone, need not be summarized. It is good enough to simply quote the hypothesis as is in your summary.

  5. Authors skills and qualifications
  6. This is a proposal after all, it is necessary to show the capabilities of the original author, this serves to give credibility to the paper, as well as an understanding of what is to take place.

  7. Research method
  8. The method of research is quite important and must be dealt with in detail. Do your best to clearly outline the methods used, in as little words as possible. This may prove slightly difficult, as many technical details may be involved. It can be useful to refer to the methods by the scientific names, thereby being specific, in a more general way.

  9. Must be concise
  10. This is a summary so you must do your best to keep it short, use simple wording to help you get your points across without the need for too much explanation.