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General Instructions on How to Organize a Research Paper Reference Page in a Proper Way

The reference page of a research assignment provides information related to your research. It presents information about resources used to collect data. It is an important element of writing for this type of academic work. It proves you are the one who did the research and it prevents claims of plagarism. Organizing this content includes following necessary guidelines. You can refer to a research paper reference page example any time you need help with your content. For more information on how to get help for your writing assignment try this out.

Tips on How to Organize

Organizing a reference page may involve completing several steps. You will be required to structure your content based on the writing format your guidelines require. While the formatting style may dictate how you create this page, it helps to know basic tips to review no matter which formatting style you use. Here is a list of important points to remember.

  • The word “References“ is written at the top of the page. It can be done a little differently depending on the formatting style required (APA, MLA, etc.) It can be centered and typed in bold if a formating style was never mentioned.
  • Sources used have their own space for clarity. You don’t have to organize it right away for it to look good but list each type of source used such as a book, magazine, movie, etc. Add a credit for any piece of information that is not yours or something you didn’t originate.
  • Be clear and detailed with each source. There are different ways to cite sources for each type and it is important you review such details beforehand.
  • Add author names in alphabetical order. You do the same when mentioning multiple authors from one source.
  • Other Things to Keep In Mind

    You can use a great research paper reference page example available through homework help sites. An example is the best way to learn how to create the best reference page. The content on the page has to be correct as far as spelling and grammar or you may lose points during grading. When you use an example paper find one in the required formatting style to put what is required of you in better perspective. Try to avoid rushing the process of creating this page to reduce errors.